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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best Boxes we Opened this Year

Could we ask for anything better in any Christmas gift this year?  How about three happy, healthy, beautiful kids?
The boys are wearing the special Thomas pajamas that Grandma sent as a pre-Christmas gift.  Thanks, Grandma!  The only downside to those pajamas is that the boys never want to take them off!

Why did we buy them presents?

They are just so fun and so cute together.  There is still more whining than I would like, and some people (cough, Jack, cough) need to be a little less bossy, but they are learning and doing so much.  I wish I could remember all of the cute and amazing things they do and say!

For example, Ben was sick about two weeks ago and had been vomiting.  He was lying in his bed at night while I sat in the rocking chair next to him.  Jack asked what Ben was doing and I told him that Ben was not feeling very well.  He said, " Oh, can I go in his bed and sleep with him and make him feel better?"  Talk about melting my heart.  Everyone should be so lucky as to have a brother like that!

Mairead has been dancing a lot to songs from John Denver and the Muppets.  This was one of our favorite records (yes, I said records) growing up, and seeing her enjoy it so much really brings tears to my eyes.  I love creating memories with her and seeing her enjoy the special moments of childhood.

Both boys really get into their pretend play with their trains.  Ben, especially, uses phrases from the show that just crack me up.  Sometimes, you'll just hear him say, "Oh, no! Exclaimed Henry!"

All three kids are protective of one another.  If one of the boys cries, Mairead strokes his head or back and says, "Oh, it's ok.  It's ok."  If one boy can't see the other, he goes on an all out search for his brother.  If Mairead is upset, the boys ask, "What's wrong with Baread?  I can help her?"  I just love watching them grow up and seeing how close they are!


Joseph "Connor" said...

There's a ton of whining going on at my house, and I just have ONE four year old! I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...
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The Plateniks said...

They are all so cute, I love those little moments you record here for them to see when they are older