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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Nutcracker

Before Christmas, my mom was nice enough to take Mairead (and me) to see a local production of The Nutcracker.  My parents used to take all of us, especially the three girls, when we were little.  I remember it being such an exciting event.  We would get all dressed up for the big night out. 
Mairead was dressed in her Christmas Eve dress and then in a coat that I wore when I was young.  I was probably about 6 when I wore it, but it fit my 4 year old very nicely!

She did really well!  I was a little worried about sensory overload, but she handled things in stride.  She got a little nervous when the lights went out (it was VERY dark!) but as soon as the music came on, she was enthralled.  We stayed until intermission (about an hour) before she was asking to go home.  I was happy with that, and happy to see her enjoy the show.

Since then, she has been asking to dance to Christmas music and actually imitates many of the moves she saw at the show.  I am amazed at her memory-- she remembers what the mice did, how some of the dancers fell, and how the ballerinas twirled and jumped.  I do have some video to upload that shows Mairead dancing just as she remembers the dancers from the show!  Thanks, Nana, for a special day!

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