Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung

It has been a lo-o-o-o-ng May since it rained nearly every day, and it was cold! The heat kicked on last wee. If you survive a winter of being housebound due to record snowfall, hearing the heat come on in mid-May and STILL being stuck in the house is enough to drive a person, specficially, a stay-at-home-mom of three, crazy. We have had a few nice days, today being one of them, and we hope to see many more!

We do find ways to pass the time. Painting pictures (and selves, in Ben's case) is a favorite.

Mairead is getting to be quite a little artist! She paints all kinds of people and animals, and even paints her name. She is really getting interested in words and how to spell them, and it's fun to help her learn how to write new words.

I guess you know it has rained a lot when the kids feel like they need to use an umbrella even INside the house.

Jack has been getting ready for nice weather by practicing his golf swing, his jump shot, and now, his windup. I need to get him on video- he winds up like a real pitcher. He must have picked it up just from watching the Red Sox or from seeing Dave do it a few times, because no one taught it to him. His new obsession is his real glove. Jim and Jess gave the boys these gorgeous personalized gloves when they were babies, and they are finally big enough to use them. The boys literally could have fit inside the gloves when they got them! These are definitely not going to be 'outside' gloves, though. They are too nice to ruin!

Jack even insists on sleeping with his. I thought that kind of thing didn't happen until they were older? It looks like he will be a great athlete someday- he is so serious and committed. And, he is pretty good!

About two weeks ago, we made a trip to Penguin Park, one of our favorite playgrounds, to enjoy a nice afternoon once we picked Mairead up from school. It was nice to be back there- it was such a long winter! It's also nice that the kids are so much more independent. When we went in the fall, someone was always just about to fall off the top of the slide, get crashed into by a swing, etc. Now, they can enjoy most of the equipment safely, which makes things easier for me!

My mom has been working so hard to get the yard ready for the summer. She will be out there for 8 hours at a time some days. It is paying off, though; the yard looks beautiful already! She is lucky enough to have some very enthusiastic helpers. Ben loved using the hose to water the grass.

Note that he did not, however, part with his toast in order to do so.

Mairead loves being out in the yard and loves gardening with Nana. She has no qualms about getting her hands dirty, although now she does have some fabulous Wonder Pets gardening gloves to help with that.

We truly hope the nice weather is here to stay. I actually am just hoping it is here to stay TODAY, as we have a playground playdate in a few hours and I see that it is clouding over even as I type this. Rain, rain, stay away!