Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey.... Show...

First, let me just show you what I found when I went in to check on my two sleeping babies... three sleeping babies! They were all snuggled up together- it was actually pretty cute!

As for the title of the post- Mairead kept saying, "Hey... Show...," while she was in the tub last night. I couldn't figure out why she was saying that since 'show' means Miss Spider on TV, and she was in the bath, which she loves. Only when she touched her hands to her head did I realize that she was saying, "Head, shoulders," as in, head, shoulders, knees and toes. We have sung it to her a few times lately, and it seems that she is learning to sing it back! So cute!

In another cute story- this morning, I was on the phone with Mairead's Day Care provider, Ms. Pat. A new baby has just come into the daycare, and this has Mairead very confused. She talks to the baby, Katie, while Katie is in her bouncy seat, and says, "baby, baby." Then, she runs to the swing, points to it, and says to Ms. Pat, "baby? Baby?" Apparently, she thinks that ALL babies come in twos, and she can't figure out where the other one is! How funny is that?

We are having so much fun with her right now. And, she is so stylish- here she is modeling a tin bucket as a hat. She insisted on wearing it... and once she's made up her mind about something, there is no talking to her. Hmmmm.... I wonder where she gets that???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picture Overload

I have been shirking my blog responsibilities lately, so I owe you a picture-heavy post. Believe it or not, the boys were three months old on Saturday, and Mairead is now just about two months shy of turning 2! All three kids are doing great and are growing like weeds. Mairead is a wonderful big sister and the boys are so much fun to watch. Mairead is saying new words and trying new things every day, including working on numbers and letters. So far, she says and recognizes ABCD, and her favorite numbers are 5 and 6. When she is counting things, she starts with 5, 6, and may throw in a 2 here and there. So funny!

These are the boys' three month pictures. There are more in the slideshow to the right. My mom bought those blue hats when they were newborns- they are just now starting to fit! In an effort to remember who is who, I always try to put Jack on the left and Ben on the right when I pose them for pictures.

Jack looks like my brother in this one!

How stinkin' cute are they? I know- I am biased, but c'mon! So cute!

Ben at three months
Jack at three months

Mairead wearing a bowl as a hat. She also has the TV remote because she knows that if the Red Sox are on, this magic button can turn it into Miss Spider or Blue's Clues. Don't worry- we'll make her a fan soon! She picks up the remote and brings it to us saying, "show, show." Too smart for her own good... too smart for us, really!

Jen and Mike took us to the Strawberry Festival in Windham, NH on Saturday. FYI- Mairead does NOT like shuttlebuses. She had the biggest meltdown I have ever seen her have. She was terrified and cried and screamed the whole way to the festival. It was about 7-8 minutes, but it was the longest 7-8 minutes of those other passengers' lives. I felt so bad for Mairead- she couldn't understand why we were in this small van with these strangers, and she wasn't in her carseat. Luckily, she was in a much better mood when Jen took her to see firetrucks!

These are just a few pictures from our daily activities. I like this one because I am so impressed with how strong they are to hold their heads up like that! And, they have recently started looking and smiling at each other-- they have noticed that there is someone there to play with!

This cool toy belongs to Connor Estee- thanks for letting us borrow it!

Ben loves to talk to the animals that hang down from the toy. OH- and he rolled over this weekend! He did it once and didn't seem that impressed by the whole thing. Jack keeps doing it because he is nosy. Ben is content pretty much wherever and however you put him down. On his belly? Great. On his back? That's good, too. Jack has to see everything and so he rolls more. It's so funny how distinct their personalities are!

Jack, getting ready to roll!

Mairead is playing with the boys- she really loves them. If she gets up from a nap and doesn't see them, she asks, "babies? Babies?" We have to show her where they are and then we get a big smile from her. She loves to check on them!

Hope you enjoy the pictures- thanks for checking in!