Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Team Blue!

After a much anticipated ultrasound today, we are thrilled to announce that we are expecting two healthy boys! So far, they look great. They are measuring appropriately and developing normally. We had the ultrasound done with a perinatologist from Maternal Fetal Medicine, and they did not see any problems at all with our two little guys!

Baby A was more cooperative about posing for pictures...

Baby B kept trying to hide, so his are not so great.

It was amazing to see the two of them in there! They each weigh 7 ounces right now, so they have a long way to go, but they are right where they should be! I am 18 weeks tomorrow, so we are almost halfway there! We are so thrilled to be able to share our good news with all of you!

In the interest of equal opportunity blogging, I wanted to share our latest video of Mairead. Lately, she has been learning to say lots of new sounds. She knows that a cat says, "meow," a dog says, "ruff," and even says "vroom, vroom" when she plays with her little truck. This video includes her walking, harassing the cat by meowing at her, and a few 'ruff's as well! We are so proud of our talented little girl!

Thanks for checking in with us- we will keep you updated! We also need to think of a new name for our blog... any suggestions???

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tigger's a Wonderful Thing!

On Friday, we went up to Lowell to celebrate Halloween. Mairead was dressed as Tigger- thanks to Jen for the costume! We had many stops to make. We went to Danny and Katie's to see Judy, then over to the Donahue's to see Christen and Josh's parents. We ended the night at Brian's new house where he was getting ready for a Halloween Party. Brian had really fun orange and black cups to play with!

Another fun thing about Brian's house is that there are very high ceilings, which makes a great space for riding on Daddy's shoulders.

In between stops, we had to go back to Nana and Grampy's house for a snack. In this picture, Mairead has pizza in each hand. Rather than let go of one of the pieces, she had to get creative to sip her drink.

The best part was answering the door for trick-or-treater's. Mairead was mesmerized by them. She was staring at all of the kids in their costumes as she helped Grampy pass out candy. She must have stood in one spot for at least 20 minutes before we actually ran out of candy!

Jen and Mairead posed for a couple of pictures even before the night began.

There are more pictures in the slideshow to the right. Hope you enjoy!