Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Visiting Kellan

When Kellan was two days old, we took Mairead to meet him.  She has been waiting a long time for him, and she knew that he was going to "pop out" on June 4, so she just had to see him in the hospital (or hopsital, as Jack says).  She was happier about this than probably anything I have seen before.  She was just so proud and amazed and loved everything about him.  She was very good with him and is definitely loving her role as the 'big cousin.'  She was just so sweet with the baby- I told Dave we should get her one, but that might be an extreme measure.  She'll just have to spend a lot of time with Kellan!

Kellan came home on a Friday, and on Sunday, Katie and Steve were nice/crazy enough to let us bring all the kids to visit at their house.  The kids were all excited to see Lily's house and to visit their new cousin.  Mairead and Jack, especially, loved being with him.  Ben would run over, look at him, and maybe touch his blanket, but when I asked, "Do you want to hold him?", he would just say, "No, thanks," and run back to playing.

Kellan started to fuss a bit and Jack kept stroking his foot and saying,'Oh, it's ok buddy.  Don't worry."  How sweet?

This is the first picture of the five grandchildren together.  Wrangling all of them for pictures is definitely going to be a challenge for the next few years!

Lily is a very proud big sister and is very sweet to her brother.  After our visit, she came home with us to have a sleepover so that her mom and dad could try to get a little rest.

Jack had some very important calls to make.  He said things like, "I will call you back.  Ok, talk to you later.  Hey, what's up?"