Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Additions and Signs of Spring

We have welcomed two new members into our family... two goldfish! We have been talking about getting a fish tank for Mairead for a long time. She loves them! Every time we go to Children's, she gets incredibly excited about the beautiful fish tank in the lobby. She always asks about the 'black fish' who was there the first time she saw the tank, and if I even mention going to the doctor, she says, "and see the fish?" So, we thought that since she has been so amazing about all of the doctor's appointments and new schools this year, we could do a little something fun for her. We bought a small tank and two identical black goldfish. According to Mairead, their names are Blackie and Whitey. It is Mairead's responsibility to feed the goldfish every night, and she loves her new job. When she wakes up in the morning, only about 15 minutes pass before she asks to go see her fish. It was really fun to be able do something that is so exciting for her.

Also this weekend, we opened a very exciting birthday gift sent from Aunt Ry, Uncle Dave, and Rachael. We wanted to make a special occasion of this opening since we knew it would be a fun gift. It's a beautiful new train set for the train table! I think Dave loves it the most- he spent a long time creating this elaborate system of tracks. It only took the boys about five minutes to wreak havoc upon it, but they had fun! Mairead loves the trains. She fills the cars with little tiny toy animals and gives them rides around. Our friends, the Estees, also gave us a different train set with motorized engines. Mairead loves to send them under the couch and watch them come out the other side. She says, "They go through the dark tunnel." The boys like that the new tracks have hills- they position the cars at the top and announce, "On your Mark. Get set. Go" and send the cars down.

On Saturday and Sunday, we were actually able to GO OUTSIDE! It was so nice to get some exercise and fresh air. It wasn't exactly warm, but "spring" in New England never is. We did see some signs of life, though. Hope does spring eternal!

Of course, Jack's favorite thing to do outside is to play basketball. He loves it and he is pretty good! I would say that he gets it in five out of six times. Not bad! He is so determined- he just keeps at it. He does more of a 'diaper' shot while Ben tries to shoot it from his shoulder (Ben has a blue hat in these pictures).

I hope they always have this much fun shooting hoops together!

We hope that all of you are seeing signs of Spring, too!