Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easter 2012

For some reason, there are very few pictures of Easter this year.  It's too bad because the kids all looked really sweet in their outfits!  They were so cute sitting together at the kids' table.  We had a great time hunting for eggs, playing together, and spending time with the aunts and uncles.

These pictures are not from Easter, but the kids spent a lot of time 'working' in the yard this spring!

Too many twins?

Today, we went to Jack and Aidan's house for a playdate.  Their mom was babysitting an additional set of twins, and their little sister, so it was just a little chaotic!  There were three sets of twin boys, an older sister (Mairead) and a younger sister.  So, 8 kids of which Mairead was the oldest.  To make it more chaotic, there were two Jacks, a Jake, and two Bens, plus Aidan, Abby, and Mairead.  The kids did really well, actually, except for a major crisis when we realized that there was only one Batman cape and one Superman cape, but 6 little boys who wanted to wear them!

This family is the one with the baby chicks, so we took all eight kids out to see them.  They were SO excited to check them out!  Jack and Aidan's mom even let the kids help feed them and they all loved that part.

We left a little after 11, so we hope that the other five kids had a great afternoon together.  And, we hope that Jack and Aidan's mom gets some rest tonight!

Welcome to the world, Kellan!

Congratulations to Katie and Steve as they welcome their son, Kellan John!  Kellan was born on June 4 and weighed 9lbs, 5oz.  He's a big boy!  Big sister, Lily, is incredibly sweet with 'baby brudda' and already loves him very much.  That makes 5 grandchildren in just under five years for the proud Nana and Grampy!  Mairead can NOT wait to meet him.  We are taking her tomorrow and it's all she can talk about.  Jack wants to teach him to play 'sneak.'  Today, we used our iphones to do Facetime with the kids and my kids kept kissing the phone and touching it, trying to reach their new cousin.  They love him already! 

Our family has had it's share of troubles and heartaches in the past five years, but we have also been so blessed and so lucky to have so many little miracles in our lives.  Kellan is the latest (and largest!) one!