Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Girl Bed and a Birthday Party

We all took a big step on Saturday when we moved out Mairead's crib in favor of a big girl bed. We held off longer than most parents probably do because we were concerned about her being and feeling safe. She never tried to get out of the crib so we just let it be. But we finally make the leap and put her in a twin. Dave took her to Target to choose some sheets (she chose a pink polka dot set and a set with pink birdhouses) and we got her room all set up. I still need to find a comforter, dust ruffle, etc, but this is a start!

She was really excited about it and jumped right in when Dave brought her upstairs to show her.

She literally ran over to it.

Of course, Frick and Frack wanted to jump into the big bed, too. Ben kept saying, "a big bed, too, Mama? A big bed, too?" Not yet, kiddo. You two will be in your crib cages, I mean tents, until you're 12.

Ready for bed on her first night!

She did really well. She was happy to get into bed and we read her some stories. When we left, though, I think she got a little confused and started to cry. Eventually, Dave lay with her until she fell asleep and she slept through the entire night. The next night, she went up on her own with no problem and has done great since!

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to go to a birthday party for two little girls we know. The party was at Bobo's Indoor Playground in Nashua and it was the perfect place for kids turning 2 and 4. They had climbing structures, bounce houses, an inflatable slide, cars to ride on, and more. The kids were great and we stayed for the entire two hours, which is a personal best for us. Mairead didn't want to leave!

Good news- the boys found a basketball hoop within one minute of arriving. Jack was shooting baskets and one of the dads said, "This guy is lights out! I've never seen anything like it!" I told him that Jack gets a LOT of practice!

With ten thousand things to do at this place, Ben still had to do some writing in his notebook. These things are seriously permanently attached to their hands.

Mairead loved going down the big slide. I did it with her twice and it went really fast!

Unfortunately, she doesn't have the strength or coordination to get up the ladder herself, so Dave or I (mostly Dave) had to carry her while climbing the thing. It was really hard!

Mairead loves birthdays and had a great time. When it was time for cake, she plopped herself right down in the middle of the other kids and danced in her seat while everyone sang to the birthday girls. She loved eating the frosting off her cake, too!

This, apparently, is Bobo. She is a giant frog.

This is Jack's reaction to Bobo. Better than his reaction to Santa, but still... not great!

The kids LOVED the bounce house and stayed in there for much of the time.

And, there was a basketball hoop IN the bounce house. Does life get any better?

We really had a great time- thanks, Maddie and Audrey, for a fun afternoon!

Good thing we had fun while we could-- we had been home half an hour when there was a knock at the door. When Dave answered, it was the police- Nana had pressed her Life Call button because she was having shortness of breath. I took the ambulance with her to the ER where my mom was working. It turns out that she had pulmonary edema caused by Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). She is feeling much better now but is still at the hospital. Obviously, the CHF is serious because her heart is just not able to pump hard/fast enough to keep her lungs and other organs healthy, so we are hopeful that her doctors can come up with ways to keep her feeling ok. We'll keep you posted!