Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Smiles

The boys have been smiling a lot more lately and it is just so cute. It's hard to get them to do it in pictures, though. Whenever they see the camera, they tend to get very confused or serious looks on their faces. I was able to get a few shots today- mostly on video.

This is Ben with a half-smile.

Do you know who this next one is?

It's Mairead! She was about 2 1/2 months in this picture- the same (chronological) age the boys are now. When the boys were born, I thought they looked nothing like their big sister. As they get a little bigger, though, I am seeing much more of a resemblance. When the boys smile, I completely see Mairead in their expressions. Am I imagining that or do you think they look alike in these pictures?

The boys have been staying awake for longer periods of time, lately, and they hang out on the floor batting at toys (or each other) and staring out the window at the sunshine. They love it when you talk to them. I also think they are starting to realize that the other one is there. In these videos, Jack is looking at Ben pretty curiously.

They had their two month check-up last week and they are both doing great. Ben was 10lbs 10oz and Jack was 10lbs 3 oz, though Ben feels much heavier. Ben is now in the 15th percentile and Jack is in the 12th. Not too bad since they were in the 5th and 3rd at their 1 month visit. If we measured them according to their adjusted age (which would be just over a month old), they would be around the 60th percentile. Either way, they are growing well. The pediatrician says that by about 12 months they should be 'caught up' physically. Hopefully they will continue to meet all of their developmental milestones as well. Right now, they are right where a two month old should be. They are so much fun right now- we are so lucky to have these great kids!

This video is a couple of weeks old, but it shows one of Mairead's latest milestones- eating with utensils. We really have not worked on this too much- she prefers to eat with her hands. And hey, only a kid can get away with that, so why not? She is not even two! It's hard to remember that she is still a baby- she is so big, and we now have two smaller babies, so she seems so grown up! She is saying new words every day and surprising us all the time.

The other day I was driving to Lowell and we were stopped at a red light. Mairead likes the car to keep moving. So when we stopped, I hear this little voice from the back say, "Set... GO!" She kept saying it until the car moved. How cute!

Thanks for checking in with us- I'll do my best to post more often. With our house on the market now, it's getting harder to find free time (like I had any before). If you are interested in seeing the listing, or know someone who would like to buy a house in Weymouth, it is http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/210-Roosevelt-Rd_Weymouth_MA_02188_1109236987