Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mairead is awesome. Just, awesome.

She has just been amazing lately.  She is doing and saying things every day that just leave me dumbfounded.  Things I thought we would have to wait years for- if we ever saw them- she is doing.  I was in tears yesterday and felt so happy that I just couldn't put it into words.  I love this kid.

For a while, we have really been working with her to get her to stay 100% dry all day.  My mom has been promising that if she stayed completely dry all day for two days in a row, that she would take her to a special dinner and then out shopping.  Well, she did it.  So, yesterday when my mom got home from work, we told Mairead that she had earned her special day.  I told her it was time to get ready and she said, "But, I need a bowtie for my special dinner."  I told her that bowties are really for boys, so she said, "I need my red dress with black stripes."  She meant her Christmas dress.  She wanted to get all dressed up for her dinner.  She came upstairs with me to find the dress, and then insisted on tights and her 'tap shoes' (Mary  Janes).  She wanted her hair done and was incredibly excited.  They were only going to the 99, but who cares?  How long have we been wanting her to do just 'normal' four year old girl stuff?  To insist on wearing a fancy dress?  To want to be a princess?  I was speechless.  She wanted us to do her hair, and once she was dressed, she would curtsy and say, "Yes, your Majesty."  No idea where that came from , but it was adorable.

I was just so happy- a year ago, I never would have expected this, but she just keeps amazing us.

For what seems like forever, we have encouraged her to say hello to people when they come to the house, and to ask Daddy and Grampy, "How was work?" when they get home.  Lately, she gives them big hugs when they get home and asks, "How was your work?"  She says hello and good bye to adults unprompted.  She smiles and makes eye contact with other kids when I bring her to school.  She doesn't jump in to conversation yet, but we'll get there.

Last week, she had a terrible cold and when I told her she had to stay home from school, she was sad.  She told me she wanted to go to school.  Last Spring, I basically had to force her to go, and now she doesn't want to miss it.

The other day, we saw a boy dressed in camoflauge from head to toe.  As he walked by, she said, "Mom, that boy looks like a swamp."  Pretty smart, I think!

We are so grateful for her and for all the progress she has made.  We know that her teachers are doing wonderful work with her and that just being in the integrated preschool class five days per week is amazing.  We knew that would be so great for her, and she is just thriving.

It's still hard to watch when other kids are talking and socializing, and she is just on the outskirts or playing alone.  I can see in her face that she doesn't really know what to do, and that she is anxious, but she does tell me about playing with Wilfredo, or that Reya is her partner.  She tells me about Mrs. M and Mrs. H, and that "Miss Kerr is not at school today."  She says, "I love you" to all of us and even to her brothers.  She wants to help with anything around the house.  Tonight, I told her we were having pancakes for dinner, so she went and grabbed her stool and said, "And I can put in the eggs and the chips and do the mixing."  And then she did!

There are so many things she does and says that I can't even think of them all.  I used to celebrate every tiny success and relish those moments that seemed few and far between.  Now, there are so many triumphs that I can't even count them.  She faces new challenges all the time, but keeps blowing us away with how strong she is.  She's just a miracle!