Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Beary Cute

On Tuesday, our boys turned 7 months old! They are growing so quickly and it is so much fun to watch them interact with us and with each other. They were wearing some super cute pjs with bears on them for their 7 month pictures. You can't tell, but Jack's shirt says, "I'm not sleepy." That's perfect for him since he likes to stay up late, and he complains about going to bed.

Jack on the left, Ben on the right, as usual.

It is pretty much impossible to get one picture with both smiling, so we'll have to settle for two pictures with one smiling!

They look very serious in these pictures- they are actually very smiley babies!

Not do be outdone in the 'cute' department, Mairead had her hair in braided pigtails for the first time the other day (other than when I practiced!).

This cute dress used to belong to Rachael!

Of course, dresses are not always Mairead's style. Usually it's comfy clothes and her Red Sox cap. Well, Daddy's Red Sox cap. She even let Jack try it on!

I think she looks a lot like me in this one!

Oh, and as for the pepper, she saw it on the kitchen counter the other day and asked to see it. It suddenly became her most beloved possession. She played with it for the rest of the evening, and probably would have taken it to bed if we let her. Who knows what goes on in that little head?
Yesterday, Dave and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We have been so lucky in these past three years- if you had asked me on our wedding day, I NEVER would have thought we would already have three kids, have moved twice, I would be a stay at home mom, and Dave would have a new job. We have already faced our share of challenges with a health scare for our new baby girl, a difficult pregnancy with the boys, extended NICU time, selling the house, moving, etc, but I don't regret a moment of it. Marrying Dave was the best decision I ever made- he is an amazing husband and such an incredible dad. Here's hoping the next three years are just as happy, but not quite so eventful!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Connor!

Today is the 2nd birthday of Mairead's original BFF- Connor! Mairead has known Connor since he was literally less than 24 hours old! Yesterday, Connor's Mom and Dad had a birthday party for him, so we packed into the minivan and made the trip to Stoughton for the afternoon. We were really happy to see the Estees again, and Mairead had a blast at the party. The BEST part was that Jaime gave her her very own balloon to take home. She thought that was the best thing that ever happened to her. She told us about a thousand times, "It's a BLUE one!!!"

Mairead definitely remembered the Estee house, even though she hasn't been there in a few months. She played with the dog, Bailey, and made herself right at home in the playroom. When it was time for cake, she ran right over to the chair she always sat in when we visited the Estees. One bad thing about moving to Lowell is that we are now an hour away from them, so we don't get to see each other as much as we would like. But the kids pick up right where they left off!

The birthday boy!

Mmmmm.... cake!

Daddy and his boys.

Joey's dad asked Mairead, "Are you a mess?" And she yelled out, "Yes!" with a big smile on her face... along with lots of frosting and crumbs.

At this party, there was actually another set of twins! Jaime's friend, Jess, has a daughter, Layla, who is a little younger than Mairead, and then her own twin boys, Quincy and Brady-- just a funny coincidence that Jaime has two friends with toddler daughters and twin baby boys.

Are they a little magazine ad waiting to happen or what?

Our boys were dressed in their best for the occasion, so I had to get a few pictures before we went (Jack on the left, Ben on the right).

Thanks to Jaime and Joey for having us down for the party- we had a great time and it was fun to see the kids together again. Happy Birthday, Connor!!!