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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ailish's Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, Mairead was invited to celebrate with her BFF, Ailish, as she turned 4!  Ailish is Christin' niece, and is the daughter of my friends, Josh and Becky.  The girls had so much fun together as flower girls and it is always so sweet to see them together.  The party was at an indoor play place, so for the first 15 minutes or so, they didn't see each other.  Then, Ailish came whooshing out of a slide and she and Mairead ran to one another and hugged.  Mairead was SO excited to see her- it was adorable.  Then, they each ran separate ways in the craziness of One Stop Fun.  They got back together, though, for the party part of the day, and enjoyed pizza, popcorn, cake, and ice cream.  Another mom asked me if they were related.  I said, "Well, not exactly... I have been friends with Josh since 7th grade, but Josh's sister married my brother, so the girls share an aunt and uncle.  Does that count?"

Thanks, Donahue family, for inviting Mairead.  She had a really great time and truly loves her friend, Ailish!

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mark lawrence said...

Hope the birthday party went well. Want to arrange a simple retirement party for my uncle at one of the sober LA venue in a couple of weeks. Confused to have a luncheon or dinner. Will discuss with them before finalizing the bookings. Hope he feels delighted with our kind gesture.