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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lily is TWO!

Seems hard to believe, but Lily turned two on December 20th!  She is one of the funniest toddlers I have ever met- she entertains everyone around her.  Her mom and dad put together a great day for her with a gingerbread theme.  Although, if you ask Lily to pronounce that, it sounds much more like, "Jam a jam man."  Adorable.

Family and friends came to our house to celebrate and our kids had fun playing with the other young guests.  Katie's friend has two little girls who are close to Mairead's age, and she was excited to see other little girls at the party.  She was also excited to see cake.

Speaking of excited, who couldn't be excited about new drums???  Jim and Jess gave each boy a drum (Thomas the Tank Engine themed, of course) and gave Mairead a tambourine and a set of maracas.  I guess they figured that things around here are just too quiet, so we needed a family band.  The kids loved their gifts and have been having fun playing music!  Thanks, Jim and Jess!

 Lily's hair has become much  more blonde.  And, since she is the same height as my boys (they are 9mos apart), the three of them really could pass for triplets!  Looks like the girls in our family are blessed with height!

Unfortunately, Nana could not be at the party.  After being diagnosed with Legionnaire's Disease a few weeks ago, she was resting at a rehab center and missed the fun.  The good news is that as of today, she is home and happy to be back in her own bed.  She seems to have made a full recovery, despite being in pretty bad shape for a while.  She is one tough lady!

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