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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

My sister, Katie, pointed out the other day that I have not yet blogged in 2012!  I can't believe I let that happen.  We have just been having too much fun!  Really- we are so busy and have been doing so many fun things that sitting at the computer to type them all out has just not happened.

We had a fantastic holiday season, the highlights of which included Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We are so lucky to celebrate with so many family and friends.  The best part about living in Lowell is that my kids are able to grow up with many of the same experiences that were so important to me.  Holidays are some of my best memories.  I remember being surrounded by family, the wonder of the lights, the presents, the decorations, and everything that goes with the day.  I love that my kids are surrounded by their relatives and that they will grow up knowing that they are so loved. 

We had a great time at Dan and Katie's Christmas Eve party.  The kids love playing with their older cousins, and they discovered several Rudolph stuffed animals.  They were really in to the movie this year so they were excited to play with the toys.

The commotion is always a little much for Ben- I think that we will have a picture of him just like this every year. 

Santa was good enough to take a break from his busy night to stop by and see the kids.  Mairead was beyond thrilled.  She went back to sit on his lap three or four times, in fact.

 Every time we asked Jack what Santa was going to bring him, he said, "Gordon!"  And what do you know?  Santa DID bring Gordon!  Jack was mystified and so happy.  Prior to the visit, Jack had been saying that he was scared of Santa, so the arrival of Gordon went a LONG way with Jack!

Jen and Mike were good enough to stay at our house on Christmas Eve so that they could share in the excitement of Christmas morning.  Even Bean slept over, which just added to the fun!

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