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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What a difference a year makes

Last February, the world was covered in white stuff.  The kids could barely get outside because they just sank into the snow.  Dave did get Mairead out sledding a few times, but there was so much snow that it was tough to even walk!

This winter, we have barely had enough to play in!  Mairead and Jack did get out in our last 'storm,' which brought about 3 inches, if that!  Mairead is so much more independent this year in terms of sledding.  She carried her sled to the top of our hill, sat on it alone, and slid (sledded? slided?) to the bottom where I caught her before she hit the fence.  She giggled the entire time.  She is fearless about things like this and she just loves it.

Ben has zero interest in the snow.  He doesn't want anything to do with it, and even wants me to carry him to the car instead of stepping in it.  Jack, on the other hand, thinks it's great and loves to stomp and make footprints with his boots.  He tried sledding but it was a little too scary for him.  He did love making snow balls and shoveling.  I hope he keeps that love of shoveling- he will need it when he gets older!

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