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Thursday, November 15, 2012

NVMoM Halloween Party

NVMoM is the Nashoba Valley Mothers of Multiples and annually, the club hosts a big Halloween party for the MoMs and their multiples.  This group has been SO great for us.  I have met some great MoMs who have become close friends, and the kids have enjoyed so many fun play dates, parties, and other activities.  I'm so glad that I have this group!  The kids were excited to put on their costumes for the first of many Halloween events this year.  Mairead was particularly excited because she had been waiting a LONG time for this!  Our friends, the Estees, were kind enough to send Mairead a fairy costume for her birthday.  We thought she would like playing dress up.  Well, she LOVED the costume-- to the point where she slept with it on her headboard for months.  But, she would never put it on.  She kept saying that she had to wait for Halloween because it was her costume.  Pretty impressive willpower for a five year old!  So, when the day came that she could wear it, she was thrilled.  She even let me use the curling iron on her hair, which was a big deal for her!
You many be surprised to learn that the boys wanted to be superheroes.  But they needed the whole costume, not just the capes, so they had new outfits, too. Ben is Batman and Jack is Superman.

I need to find some pictures of me when I was this age because she is looking more and more like me all the time.  Of course, she is ten times more beautiful to me!

There was a photo area set up and the kids had fun posing there.  They kept switching partners for pictures, which was cute.  This is Ben with our friend, Aidan.

Ben and Aidan were joined by our friend, Jake.  It's funny, there are a few of us moms who are good friends, and our twins are Jack and Ben, Ben and Jake, and Jack and Aidan.  Two Jacks, a Jake, two Bens, and an Aidan.  Jack and Aidan are fraternal and easy to tell apart, but Jake and Ben are identical and I have a hard time with them! 

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Joseph "Connor" said...

She's the prettiest fairy I've ever seen! I love the hair with the outfit. It's perfect! And I feel much safer knowing that Batman and Superman are close friends of ours. :)