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Monday, November 12, 2012

Miscellaneous October Pictures

Before I get into the myriad of Halloween pictures from the many fun Halloween activities we enjoyed this year, I just have some random pictures from the month of October.  The first is of the boys in the shopping cart at Hannafords.  It is not Halloween.  They just like to wear the capes everywhere, and on this day, Jack insisted on wearing the mask, too.  They got a lot of attention as they drove their 'batmobile' around the store.

These skeleton pjs came from a MoM in my twins club and my guys love them.  The bones actually glow in the dark, so they are pretty fun pjs.  You can see more in this picture that Ben is now bigger and heavier than Jack... he's maybe 3/4 inch taller and about 4-5lbs heavier.  It's strange, because Jack eats much more than Ben does!

Mairead loves any holiday-related activities, so she convinced her dad to carve a jack-o-lantern for her pretty early in the month.  She gets so excited and it's fun to be part of that excitement.  Holidays are so much fun again... parents really do get to re-live the joy of childhood!

Mairead and I had a little lunch date one Saturday and her favorite part was, of course, the ice cream sundae at the end.  She doesn't look thrilled in this picture, but you'll have to trust me on that.  I like it when she and I get to spend some time together... just the girls.  I hope that we always have fun on our dates!

Big excitement at The Fairmount this Fall... my dad has  ride-on mower/leaf bagger.  It is actually pretty awesome considering how many leaves there are here, and how long it takes to rake them!  This saves a LOT of time!  Plus, my dad says he feels like Evil Kanevil.

Getting it into the pool yard is quite the operation. It nearly ended with a lawnmower in the pool, but crisis was averted.

Mairead's school is very close to a playground so one morning, the boys and I headed there after dropping her off at Kindergarten.  They raced around making every piece of equiptment the 'bat-something.'  Bat cave, bat swing, bat slide, whatever. 

My kids are NOT good eaters... getting them to try new foods is a nightmare.  So, we are trying a 'rewards chart' to see if they go for it.  Each time someone tries a new food, he or she gets a sticker.  After five stickers, the person gets to go to Target and choose a small toy.  As you can see, Jack is pretty motivated.  Mairead, on the other hand, decided to take matters into her own hands, and drew a 'Trying Old Foods' chart in the hopes of conning a sticker out of us.

This picture is of Jack at the library in Chelmsford.  He was really excited to use the big kid computer, even though the headphones are just a bit too big.

Last October, we had a snowstorm that postponed Halloween, caused widespread power outages, and inflicted major damage.  This October, just before Halloween, we had a hurricane.  Hurricane Sandy swept up the East coast and did unbelievable damage to New York and New Jersey.  We were lucky not to lose power, but many people did.  Flooding on the coast was incredible, as seen by this picture of Brown's, a restuarant we love up at the beach.
I posted this because I find this graphic ridiculous.  HOW is this helpful to anyone?

The boys and I had a little lunch date at the 99 after I picked them up from school one day.  They are getting better about not crying when I drop them off, so they earned a lunch as a reward.  You can tell that this is Jack because he has a huge bruise on his face.  I don't even remember what it's from.  Oh, wait, yes I do.  My dad installed a new door knob on an interior door and it took Jack approximately 12 hours before he walked into it. 

Heads up to parents- Friendlys Restaurants offer a great deal.  On Wednesdays, all kids' meals are $1.99.  This includes a meal, a drink, and a sundae.  And, you don't have to buy an adult entree to get the deal, which is great for parents of more than one kid.  So one Wednesday, I took the boys to lunch.  I had an entree and they each had a meal, apple juice, and sundae.  Our total bill was $13.  Not bad for three people!

I'll be back soon with LOTS of Halloween pictures!

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Joseph "Connor" said...

I freakin' love Mairead's "Trying Old Foods" chart. That girl is pretty smart. And hilarious. And I may steal the "trying NEW foods" chart for Connor. Even though he's pretty good at trying new things, there are some things I just can't get him to try, so this may help. Then, maybe, he'll eat Tacos!