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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miscellaneous September Pics

I'm getting there... I am finally finished blogging about September and I only have these few pictures left!  I can move on to October, even though it is now November.  Anyway, the kids are always finding ways to be silly and creative, and to have fun.  Most of the men in our family own head lamps.  We are very much a DIY kind of group, so head lamps come in handy for lots of project.  Dave even uses his to go running at night!  Jack and Mairead thought they would give it a try.  It's funny, even though Jack and Ben look SO much like Dave, and so much like each other, we see a lot of my brother, Brian, in Jack.  He just has some looks and some ways about him that are so much like his uncle.   Fixing things and wearing head lamps are just two!

I have to show off this drawing of Mairead's.  She colored the figures in a book and then cut them out herself to glue them on to this 'frame.'  The tables are what surprised me.  She put the four legs pretty close to where they really should go, and she kept perspective in mind and made the back legs different than the front.  I thought this was pretty great- especially for a kid who has a lot of trouble with spatial relationships!  Her teacher tells me all the time how creative she is and what a talented artist she is.  Mairead spends a lot of time in 'her office' doing projects... cutting, gluing, decorating, drawing, whatever she can find to be creative.

This picture shows three (almost) three year olds (Lily's birthday is in December), playing together, happily, in one room.  I thought it warranted posting.  The cousins have been spending a lot of time together lately and they have so much fun together.  Yesterday, in fact, Katie and the kids came by and I hadn't told my kids they were coming.  Jack saw Lily and said, "Oh, Lily.  There you are.  Let's go."  As if he had been looking for her all day.  There are still some battles over toys, especially if Lily is going the 'wrong' direction on the train table, but generally they are very sweet to one another.  My kids ADORE Kellan and literally fall all over him.  He is just the sweetest baby- I can see why they love him so much!

My mom found an old copy of Mary Poppins and it got a lot of views in September... still does!  The kids really love it and their favorite song is 'Step in Time.'  We have recently added 'Tangled' to our list of movies they like (now up to three movies- Cars, Mary Poppins, Tangled) and all three kids really get into that one.  It's very cute and easy to follow.  There are some bad guys and some violence, but everyone does pretty well.  They do ask me to skip some parts but Mairead is able to watch pretty much the entire thing, and she is SUPER sensitive to violence or to seeing anyone get hurt.  I have to say that I think it's sweet that she doesn't want to watch anything where someone or something, especially an animal, gets hurt.  It just shows was a good kid she is, and I'm happy to keep her away from violent shows until she is ready.

Big excitement around here.  Jen and Mike came over and Mike gave the kids rides in a cardboard box.  It was crazy.

We see a lot of our friends, Jack and Aidan, but for some reason we never have pictures.  At one playdate, I did remember to take a few.  These kids have been playing together since the boys were all pretty young... maybe 18mos?  Jack and Aidan are 4 months older than my guys and it's funny to hear them say, "Not this Jack, the other Jack."  Jack and Aidan's mom has come to be a good friend of mine, and my kids love her, too.  At a birthday party yesterday, Mairead got Debbie to take her on the giant inflatable slide and she loved it.  Mairead liked it, too, lol.  Debbie's Jack calls my Jack, "New Jack."  They actually play together now instead of just playing near each other, and it's fun to watch them interact.  My kids always ask for Jack and Aidan and get very excited to see them!

The boys had been sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor for a long time.  They said that they wanted to be close together so they had to sleep on the floor.  Finally, I pushed their beds together and they now sleep in them.  It's pretty cute- at night, I cover the two of them with one large blanket and it looks like they are sharing a bed.  They are happy that way and they seem to be sleeping better lately, so they can stay that way as long as they fit in those toddler beds!

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