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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mairead's Fifth Birthday Party

Mairead's fifth birthday was an exciting day!  We started with a room full of balloons and worked up to a birthday party with a few friends. Mairead had been asking for a pinata, so that was some of the big excitement.  Yet again this year, we had planned on a pool party with just a few girls, and yet again, it rained.  It has rained for every one of Mairead's birthday parties.  Maybe when she is six, we'll get lucky with the weather?
We still had a lot of fun.  The girls played and crafted.  The cupcakes were a big hit, and everyone enjoyed the pinata destruction.  Thank you to those who celebrated with us!

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Joseph "Connor" said...

Can you come to my house on my birthday and do the balloon thing?? Love it!