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Friday, September 28, 2012

My Heroes

Although they still love their trains, the boys have a new obsession- superheroes.  Specifically, superheroes from the DC Universe.  Batman and Superman can be seen running around the house at pretty much any time of the day.  The capes go almost anywhere we go, and the boys even sleep in them.  At first, I didn't want to let them wear the capes outside the house, to bed, etc.  But then I thought, you're only three once.  For how long in your life do you get to truly believe you are a superhero?  So, I just go with it.  They can't wear them everywhere-- I draw the line when it's not safe (ie, at a playground) or when it's not appropriate (ie, Jen's wedding), but otherwise, their alter-egos have free reign.

Even members of the Justice League need to have their capes cleaned.

Now that Mairead is in school, the boys and I pick her up every day.  Usually, the boys are wearing their capes.  While we wait, groups of parents congregate outside to chat.  The boys invade the little circles of moms and tell them all about their super powers, the villians that might be around, etc.  The moms think they are the cutest things, and the boys LOVE the extra attention.  I have to agree, they ARE pretty cute!

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