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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Fakesgiving, 2011!

On the Sunday after Thanskgiving, we celebrated with our annual Fakesgiving dinner.  This is always one of our favorite holidays.  Jimmy and Jessica brought their amazing pumpkin soup, Jen and Mike made pumpkin martinis, and everyone contributed to a great meal on the table.  Mairead was very helpful in the making of the martinis.    The kids had so much fun playing together and we all enjoyed the quality time together.  Also, Katie and Steve made the big announcement that Lily is going to be a big sister in June!  Congratulations to the Crowder family!

At one point, my mom brought out a bag of old costume jewelry and let the girls have at it.  They LOVED it.  Lily kept yelling, "More Jew-ry!"  They tried on all kinds of combinations and Mairead declared herself to be "gorgeous."

Awww, how cute is this?  If she can't have a sister, a cousin is the next best thing!

This last picture is not actually from Fakesgiving, but I thought it was such an interesting shot.  Look at their hands and their faces- they are exactly alike.  They are so interesting to watch sometimes.  Their personalities can be completely opposite at times, but they have these little habits and connections that are fascinating to us.
We hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season!  We have been having fun with family gatherings, parties, decorating, and all kinds of Christmas-y activities.  It is the best feeling to watch them get so excited about Christmas and everything that comes with it!

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