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Sunday, November 27, 2011

More fun at Grandma's

The day after Thanksgiving, we headed over to visit Dave's grandmother, who everyone calls Memire,  Mim has faced a lot of health problems recently so it was great to see her doing well.  The kids were a little shy and grouchy at first, but then they saw that Mim had a Christmas tree and some goldfish crackers, so everything was fine after that!  They had fun running around and on each lap, they ran by Mim and stopped to get a hug.  It is very special that our kids have great grandparents in their lives!

When we got back, Grandma had a fun project set up for us.  We used peanut butter and pine cones to make birdfeeders and then decorated a tree with our projects.  The girls really loved it, and the boys actually did, too!  Mostly, they liked scooping the birdseed and dumping it over the pine cones.  Also, they love doing anything that Rachael does.

The weather this November has been unbelievably cooperative, so it was great to spend time outside!  At Grandma's house, there is plenty of room to run and the air is crisp and clean.

Because it was so nice out, the kids were able to explore a bit.  Daddy took the boys down to check out the pond on Grandma's property.

 The boys loved having so much space to run.  They are sort of like dogs, that way.

For the record, this vehicle was not running or even on.  She just wanted to climb up and sit on it for a minute.

Thanks to all of our NY family for a great visit.  The kids had fun and made some great memories!

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Terry Family said...

What a great idea for decorating the trees outside! I'm sure the birds loved the ornaments! Merry Christmas to them. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!