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Monday, December 12, 2011

Festival of Trees

Last Friday night, Nana and Grampy suggested a trip to the Festival of Trees in  Methuen.  This annual event raises money for charity by collecting donated decorated trees from the community.  People pay admission to the event and then can purchase raffle tickets in the hopes of bringing one home.  It is pretty amazing.  One tree had all Patriots' decorations, and included a pair of tickets.  Another tree was adorned with tons of kitchen supplies (spoons, wisks, measuring cups, etc).  There were so many creative ideas.  The kids loved it.  It was a little overwhelming because it was crowded and there was just so much to look at, but they did really well.  The boys took turns with Grampy and Daddy.  I think they determined that up off the ground with these guys was the safest place to be- and the best vantage point.

I don't have pictures of them doing it (too crowded), but the boys' favorite part was taking the raffle tickets and putting them into the receptacles at each tree.  They would put a ticket in the slot and then peer in to see where it went.  Thanks for a fun night out, Nana and Grampy!

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