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Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Tree

The day after the Festival of Trees, we headed to Mahoney's to choose our own tree for the Purple House.  They have all kinds of Christmas decorations at the nursery and the kids loved exploring.  They even found Rudolph!  They have watched the show a few times now and the boys really love it.  I NEED to get video of Jack saying, "ah boh boh bo snowman."  You may notice that Ben is carrying around an envelope.  It is a piece of junk mail that I handed him and told him it was his mail.  He didn't let go of it the entire night.

They all loved the greenhouse and admired the flowers.  There were some beautiful orchids there, along with pontsettias and all kinds of other blooms.  Once we got outside, the boys giggled as they ran through 'the forest' to find a tree. 

Once we were back at the purple house, everyone got into their pjs and we decorated the tree (after Grampy had put more than 1000 lights on).  The kids were very careful with the ornaments and really did a nice job.  Of course, all of the ornaments occupied the same two feet of space on the tree, but they were very proud of their work.

Apparently, Edward from Thomas the Tank Engine was present at the birth of Christ.  Who knew?

 I have been talking to Mairead lately about God, angels, heaven, and other concepts that are tough to grasp.  She seems to 'get' that God and the angels watch out for us, even though we can't see them.  I explained that Jesus is God's little boy, and told her what a manger is.  She quietly and independently arranged the manger just so.  She told me, "They can all see the baby."  I was impressed!  Maybe she remembers from last year- or maybe she was guided by a little angel.  Or Special Bear...

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