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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Trying to fit in any fun fall activity we could, we got the family together again to make s'mores and play in the leaves.  My mom gathered the sticks for toasting the marshmallows while the men made fire. 

There was also a little time for golf, tee-ball, and other activities while the fire was being prepared.

I just need to point out that this jacket Kellan is wearing belonged to the boys.  Last year.  As in, they were three and a half when they wore them, and Kellan was about 15 months in this picture. 

Obviously, Mairead needed to wear a leopard costume, complete with tutu, for the occasion.

I love my family.  I love that we all make time for each other and for family events.  I love watching the kids grow up together and see how close they are becoming.  I love that Mairead has Lily and Mairin so close to her since she does not have a sister.  I love watching Katie be a mom and Brian be a new dad, and I love the special relationship Jen has with her 'auntourage.'  The kids love when Jimmy comes to visit, too.  They are so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love them.

Jen wanted to show the kids how much fun it would be to roll down the hill.  They loved it, the dog did not appreciate it.  She wasn't happy until Jen was safely at the bottom.

We really made the most of Fall this year!  I do miss a lot about the baby phase and I wish my kids weren't growing up so fast.  But, I love all of the fun things we can do now that they are a little older.  We are ready for many more adventures!

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