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Thursday, April 17, 2014

October 2013

October is such a beautiful month and there are so many fun things to do.  We filled our days with apple picking, pumpkin decorating, leaf raking, s'more toasting and more.  I love everything about Fall so I try to pack in as much fun fall stuff as I can.  Cider donuts, pumpkin coffee, fire pits, comfy sweaters- it's such a great time of year!
The kids had fun indoors and out.  Jack had to get some work done on the 'Rob-cycle,' also known as a horse, and used his real goggles and tools for the job.

Mairead was reading a book aloud to the boys on the way home from school one day and did not get to finish by the time we pulled into the driveway.  So, we all stayed in the car a few extra minutes so she could finish the story.  Little moments like that are so special to me and I wish I could remember them all! 

We spent a lot of afternoons at Shedd Park this fall, just enjoying the beautiful weather.  One day, I was apparently cramping Jack's style. He was climbing something really high, and I went over to help. He told me that the little blonde girl he was talking to would help him, And that I should go sit on the sunny bench because I had a headache.  He and Ben would recruit other kids to join in whatever adventure they had dreamed up, and it was fun to watch them all enjoy themselves and just be kids.

Saturday mornings usually found us at TOPS Soccer in Wilmington.  This is an amazing program for kids with developmental disabilities.  The kids are paired with volunteers who are usually middle or high school students, and they have time to kick the ball around, shoot on goal, and have fun in a no pressure situation.  It was such a positive experience.  Mairead had a lot of fun, gained some confidence, and was able to enjoy soccer without feeling stressed.  We got to see some amazing kids- both in the players and the volunteers.

Soccer is exhausting!

The boys started at the Pyne in September and we have participated in a lot of fun school events.  We spent an afternoon making Halloween decorations for the Fall Festival.

Everyone did a lot of work in the yard to help with the leaves. 

Everyone got really into Halloween this year.  Mairead decided that she wanted to be a zebra.  I thought that would be easy enough but it proved nearly impossible to find a zebra costume anywhere!  So, at the last minute I had to dust the cobwebs off of my sewing skills and make one.  She LOVED it.  We had several Halloween activities to participate in so she got a lot of use out of it.
A fun tradition is to go to the Halloween Party my Moms of Multiples group has each year.  It's great to see all the kids in costume, and fun to see how the kids grow.

This is my Ben with another Ben.  They always seem to find each other at club events!

The kids' school has a separate event for costumes so they just wore festive shirts for the school day.  My little pumpkins!

When it was time for trick or treating, the kids were beyond excited.  Then, Mairin came over in her costume to make things even more fun.

The kids all requested that I take pictures of their 'action poses.'  You might have noticed that the boys were wearing ninja turtle costumes in some pictures, but Batman and Robin in others.  That's because with about three days until Halloween, they changed their minds.  They did not want to be turtles anymore; they wanted to be Batman and Robin.  Great.  We had a Batman costume left over from last year, so that was easy enough.  But, a Robin costume is tough to come by.  Back to the sewing machine for that!  We had the mask and cape, and the rest of it I pieced together at the last minute.  Luckily, it passed inspection and they were very happy with their 'new' costumes!

Dave got into the spirit, too, dressed as the cop from Fenway who became famous during the World Series.

                                                                     Happy Halloween!

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