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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scenes from September

I don't know if it's because of my kids' ages, because Dave has had a job (the same job, that he likes) for two years in a row, or just that we are better at keeping our heads above water, but I feel like I am enjoying the kids so much these past few months.  Yes, I could do without the four year old 'testing limits' phase, or without the constant wrestling, sword fighting, or battling, but they are all so much fun right now.  They come up with the most interesting and funniest things to say, and they are constantly surprising me.  My favorite thing about all of them is how kind they are.  To each other, to me, to others... it's so rewarding and I hope they stay this way forever!
Mairead has a very tough time with walking down stairs and we were working on that for a LONG time.  One day, I called the kids to come down for lunch and she was at the top of the stairs calling for me to help her.  I heard Jack say, "Come on, Mairead.  I promise I will be with you on the stairs."  Ben was talking about his friends at school and said he 'just wants to give a hug to everyone.'  If one kid is on the slides, they offer their hand to the other to help them.  They say adorable things like, "From (when) I grow up, I want to be a carpinger like Brian."  Or, "It's cold out so we need to get all bungled up."  Mairead had elaborate stories about how she was a little girl in Korea a long time ago.  I wish I could remember every sweet and adorable thing they say.  I truly cannot put into words how much I love these kids!
One day in September, I headed out to pick up the kids from school.  It was overcast, but warm, so no one had jackets.  When I arrived at the school, it was not raining.  As I waited for pick up time, it started to drizzle.  I walked toward the building and the skies just opened up.  I mean, it was raining like I have NEVER seen it rain before.  It was loud and heavy and just when you thought it couldn't possibly rain any harder, it did.  It was like there were just walls of water crashing around us.  All of the parents were drenched before the kids even came outside.  There were people everywhere trying to get their kids, but the little ones were afraid to come outside because it was raining so hard.  No one had coats and very few people had umbrellas.  The kids couldn't even hear their parents call their names because the rain was so loud.  It was the craziest ten minutes, and then it stopped!  Just completely stopped.  By then, we were all soaked.  It seriously looked as though we had jumped in a pool with our clothes on.  We headed home to dry out, put on our pajamas and just called it a day.  The kids were really good sports!

September was a busy month of getting things done around the yard.  The porch needed to be repaired and repainted, so our little helpers were on the job.  My mom had bought the boys their own 'real' tools and they run for them any time they see Daddy or Grampy working on something.  They are determined to help and don't want to miss anything.  Jack, in particular, takes his work very seriously.  He reminds us all so much of my brother when he was little.  Maybe he really will be a 'carpinger' like Brian.  He even puts a pencil behind his ear when he is working, just like Uncle Brian does.

In our house, costumes and accessories are pretty much an every day thing.  The boys made these super cute hats in school and it was so cute to see the whole class wearing them as they walked out of school.  They ADORE their teacher.  Miss Hillary is actually a long term substitute as their regular teacher had a family emergency just a few days before school started.  So, Miss Hillary has been there since day one and the boys absolutely love her.  She even has red hair like April O'Neill from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Sadly, I think Miss Hillary will not be with them much longer as the regular teacher is nearly ready to return.  We love the other teacher as well; she was wonderful with Mairead.  But it is going to be a sad day if/when we have to say goodbye to Miss Hillary!

The boys saw these Robin pajamas at Target and just HAD to have them for Mairin.  They are so good to her.  I was worried that after the novelty of having her around wore off, they would resent her or be frustrated that I had to stop doing things with them to feed her, etc.  But that has not happened at all.  They are obsessed with her.  They bring her toys and even their blankets.  They take things away from her that she shouldn't have, and really love her like a sister.  Mairead can't wait to get up in the morning so she can see Mairin before she goes to school.  It's so great to see them all growing up together!

I love this picture.  The boys' class comes out first and then we wait for Mairead.  They run to her and want to hold her hand to walk to the car, and she loves it.  She has taken on more of a 'big sister' role this year and it's great to see that.  The boys really do look up to her (literally and figuratively).

Once school started, the boys, who had always balked at drawing and writing, suddenly became very interested.  Ben, in particular, loves to draw and color.  He has his own dry erase board for all of his creations and he is very proud of what he does.

In the warmer weather, the boys would come out on the porch to wait for the bus with Mairead.  It's September in this picture so I have no idea why Ben is wearing a Santa hat.  As I said, dressing up is par for the course around here!

I can't talk about September without talking about my sale.  My Mothers of Multiples group puts on a huge children's consignment sale twice each year and I am the Sale Manager.  It's a huge undertaking for me and takes a lot of my time in an already crazy month.  Thankfully, my husband is awesome and my parents are great about pitching in so that I can get everything done.  If you have kids or grandkids, you definitely want to check us out at the next one on April 5. 

This September was a big one for us with the boys starting at the Pyne, Mairin becoming part of our daily lives, Dave heading back to work and a new routine for everyone.  After a few bumps in the early days of school, the kids handled things really well and are all doing great at school this year.  We are very thankful that they have such wonderful teachers!

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