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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunny Days, Science, and More Swimming

For the first time, we went to the beach at Salisbury State Reservation.  That beach is incredibly clean with great sand.  It was a nice day trip for all of us, and it obviously exhausted poor Ben.

Mairead and I met up with our friends, Kacey and Kacey's mom (Lisa).  It was fun to have a little 'girl time' and to see Mairead interact with another little girl her age.

Another first for us was Bradley Palmer State Park.  It's a GREAT set-up with a wading pool for the kids that is about 2.5 ft at its deepest, and is a 'wade-in' pool so even little ones can splash around.  It is entirely fenced in, there is a playground area, and the ice cream man comes around every day.  There are bathrooms and you can bring a picnic lunch, etc.  The only drawback is that they only allow a certain number of people in, so you have to make sure you get there early and line up to be allowed in.  It was a great spot for me to take the kids on my own and we had a really nice day while Dave was at school working on curriculum.

I love this.  I find them this way many nights and I still just think it's the sweetest thing.  We want to put them in 'big kid' beds and maybe move them apart, but they don't want any part of that.  They love their little beds and want to be together forever.

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