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Monday, November 11, 2013

Water Babies

Ok, they aren't really babies any more, I know.  But we were in or near the water a LOT this summer.  It felt like if we were not in the pool, we were at a beach... which was fine by me!  My MoMs Club had its summer party at Springs Brook Park in Bedford this year.  The kids loved it and I thought it was a great set up.  A man-made lake, spray park, sandy beach, waterslide, basketball hoop, grills, and snack bar.  Not bad!  The kids had fun playing with other multiples and siblings, and it was a fun family day.

This is my Ben and another Ben (who is a triplet).  It's funny because at every event for our multiples group, they find each other and play together.  Ben and Ben strike again!

The day after that party, we headed up to Maine to visit the Estee and Bouvier families.  Jaime's family (I mean, her ENTIRE family) goes to Maine every summer and we have a tradition of crashing their family affair to get in some beach time with the kids.  It's funny- we have been going up there a LONG time.  I was single once or twice, engaged, then married.  Dave started coming up once he and Joey became friends, and then we brought Mairead up when she was a baby.  Jaime's parents babysat once or twice when Mairead and Connor were little.  Now, we have three kids, they have two kids, and we spend the day building sand castles and eating snacks until the kids crash and we head home.  We love this tradition and are grateful that the family is so welcoming.  The Estees are very important to us and we hope that we have many more years of beach days to look forward to!

Jaime taught Mairead how to boogie board and she freaking LOVED it.  Thanks, Jaime!  The looks on her face were just priceless.  She couldn't get enough of it!  I guess we will need to do more of this next year!

Aaaaannnd, we're done.

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Joseph "Connor" said...

I heart(ed) teaching Mairead how to boogie board. She was a rockstar. Best time EVER. We love having you guys up in Maine!