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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Scenes from August

In addition to our big adventures in August, we had a lot of relaxing times, too!  Mairead can read just about anything now, and Dave has gotten all the kids into reading comics.  It's cute to see him take the kids to the comic book store and enjoy the same things their dad did when he was little!

One night, we went to the Lowell Spinners with my twin moms and it just so happened that our event fell on Superhero night!  The boys are in capes or costumes much of the time anyway, so it was nice that they had a real reason to wear them.  The kids love the atmosphere, the snacks, the music, and the ice cream.  Oh, and there is baseball, too.

Every once in a while, Mairead's hair gets so long that it's hard to shampoo, takes forever to dry, and is a pain to brush.  So, we go and get several inches chopped off, and then I regret it.   I mean, she does look super cute, but I miss the long hair every time I do it.  Maybe it's because she looks older with short hair and she's already growing up too quickly!

I love finding the boys in these little moments.  They gather some of their little heroes and get lost in their imaginations.  It's so sweet.

We had a fun playdate with Jack and Aidan, during which Mairead wore an astronaut's helmet for most of the day.  The boys even sat still for about ten minutes to watch part of a movie.

All of the kids are really into coloring, art, and projects now, so we spend a lot of time making a mess of working in the office. 

This August was a lot less stressful than the last two as we knew that Dave would be returning to the same school in the same job.  It made such a difference for us since we could actually enjoy the summer and the time with our kids instead of worrying constantly and having Dave working on his resume, setting up interviews, etc.  He is at a great school now and we are really happy that things worked out this way!

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