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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Last of our Trip

Just a few more tidbits from the trip.  One is that I HIGHLY recommend visiting White Mountain Cider Co.  Their cider donuts are awesome, their breakfast sandwiches and flavored coffees are great, and their panini sandwiches for lunch are fantastic.  They have a little shop with other local grocery items, and there is a restaurant as well.  Definitely a great spot!

We stopped at a scenic overlook on the way home.  Despite the looks on the kids' faces, they did like the mountains.  They are just not fans of posing for pictures.  You'd think they would be used to it by now..

An unexpected stop on the way home was at a service station to get a tire plugged.  Someone was driving half of a house down the highway and a giant section of roof came off.  There was debris everywhere, including giant roofing nails.  I'm not sure really what was going on since the section of the house was shrink wrapped, but we could see inside and there was a made bed, pillow, bedspread, and all, as well as a table and chairs with tablecloth, etc.  It was bizarre.  I'm not sure how well planned this move was, and it didn't end well for us.  We had a nail in our tire and had to have it plugged.  We were lucky that we did not need a new tire right at that moment, but it was not the ideal way to end our vacation.

We had dinner one night at Muddy Moose in North Conway after browsing the shops downtown.  It was mudslides all around (special mudslides for Mommy and Daddy) because, hey, why not?

After the kids were in bed each night, I stole some time to work on this puzzle.  I used to do puzzles all the time when I was younger, it's just hard to find the time now.  I find it to be very stress-relieving!

We had a great dinner at Moat Mountain Brewing Company.  The kids were so well behaved and the food was great.  Definitely recommend this place for kids and for grown ups!

We were lucky to get a few hours of nap/quiet time and I took advantage one day to run to the store for a few things we needed, as well as to refuel with my first iced coffee in a few days.  It's becoming a problem...

We had such a great time and I hope the kids took home many memories.  We hope to go back again soon and we thank the Farleys for such a perfect gift!

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