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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Echo Lake

I have great memories of days at Echo Lake, so I definitely wanted to take Dave and the kids to this beautiful place.  From the beach area, you can see Cathedral Ledge.  There are often rock climbers taking the challenge, though we didn't see any on that particular day.  It was a beautiful day but the beach was not crowded at all, and the kids really had a great time.

Both boys were IN the water.  This was a big accomplishment since they are usually not big fans of the water.  They were so proud of themselves!  All of the kids made friends with the other kids there, particularly Mairead.  It was great to see her interact with other kids and call them 'my friends.' 

This was one of my favorite parts of our trip.  The scenery is beautiful, the environment is very serene, and the kids were happy and relaxed.  I like that they are at an age now where I can actually sit in a chair and watch them play... it's nice not to be rescuing a toddler every two minutes!  We are still vigilant when they are in the water, of course.  I miss my babies, but I love these kids and how we are able to do different fun activities now.

If you are thinking of going, the beach area is small and backs up to a tree filled shaded area with picnic tables.  There is a parking lot for which you pay a small fee to enter.  There are bathrooms and vending machines, and the park is 'carry in- carry out.'  There is a trail that winds around the lake that would be easy for kids to explore.  I think they also offer canoe rentals, though we did not explore that option!  There is a lifeguard on duty and the 'safe to swim' area is clearly marked.  It really is a perfect spot to spend the day!

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