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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Special Zoo Experience

I have mentioned in the past how much I enjoy the Mothers of Multiples group to which I belong.  We are always planning fun family events, and there are some really wonderful MoMs and families involved.  One of our MoMs is a zookeeper who is married to another zookeeper, and they did an amazing job of arranging a special trip to Franklin Park Zoo.  We had a 'behind the scenes' tour that included watching the keepers feed the condors (which are freaking HUGE, by the way) and the anteater (which was both awesome and disgusting).  We also got to go INSIDE the tree kangaroo exhibit.  I mean, we were literally two feet from the animal.  Very cool.  I think everyone's favorite part was at the end, though.  There is a cool experience about which I posted last year where you can get a stick with birdseed on it and feed the 'budgies' (parakeets).  It's usually crowded and kind of crazy in there since it's such a cool thing to do, but Jackie and her husband arranged things so that our group could enter the area after closing time, so only our group was there.  It was so fun to have the time and space to enjoy this very cool experience.  I think all of the families really loved it, especially since the looks on all of the kids' faces were priceless.   I think we had something like 21 kids in our group and they all did great.  We can't thank Jackie and her husband enough- it was an awesome day! 

You can hardly tell, but there is a zookeeper in there (Greg) holding a skink (pretty sure it's a lizard) and letting the kids pet him.  Very cool!

This is Jackie teaching some of the girls about butterflies.

It's possible that both boys in this picture are named Ben.  My friend, Jamie, will have to tell me since her guys are identical, too, and I don't know if this is Jake or Ben!

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