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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Last of June

We had a lot of fun in June, despite the record number of rainy days that month.  We read somewhere that it rained 17 days in June, and we had triple the usual rainfall for the month.  As soon as July began, the temperatures became incredibly hot, so we have been trying to have fun despite some crazy weather!  One 'fun' day involved watching the guys who came to grind the stump of the beech tree.  The tree was removed last year and it was enormous.  The stump is probably 6 feet in diameter, maybe more, so it took professionals to grind it down.  They had this cool machine that is driven by remote control, and watching them maneuver it down the hill, through a small opening on the path, and over to the tree stump was the big excitement for the morning.  Not excited about it was my grandmother, but the kids loved it!

In addition to rainy days, we had several unseasonably hot days in June.  This meant more time hanging out and reading in the few rooms that have air conditioners. 

It also meant finding indoor activities.  Dave took the kids to Tewksbury Library once or twice.  They have a great children's area and tons of family friendly activities.  They also seem to have a lot of pillows.

Dave also lead a few walks around the neighborhood just to get the kids out (and out of my hair) for a bit.

Mairead went to her friend, Alice's, birthday party at Magic Brush (a paint your own pottery place) and had a GREAT time.  She made this card for her friend.  I love that it says 'BFF.'  Mairead says it means, 'Be Friends Forever.'

Looking at these pictures now reminds me that we haven't gone back to pick up the item Mairead painted!  I'll have to do that soon and then share a picture.  Thanks to Alice and her family for a really fun afternoon!

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