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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

North Conway Trip- Day 1

 For Christmas, my aunt and uncle gave our family an incredible gift- passes to Story Land and use of their house in Bartlett, NH.  It was such a generous gift and meant so much to us.  After two really tough summers, we were finally able to go on a family vacation!  Thanks so much, Lee and Jean!

The kids were great on the ride up, partly because we have DVD players that we use on long trip, partly because I had lots of snacks, and partly because they are just good kids.  We stopped for lunch along the way and they even shared their lemonade.

The kids were very excited to check out the house.  They did wonder where Lee and Jean were, and why they were not in their house, but they mostly had fun exploring the new place.
Bunk beds!

We didn't arrive in NH until afternoon, and it was raining when we first got up there, but we were able to get in a round of mini-golf with the place all to ourselves.  This turned out to be good since my kids do not have the most control over where the golf balls end up.

This picture of Jack is out of order, but you can see that he made himself at home pretty quickly!

We laid low and had dinner at the house that night because everyone was so tired from the trip.  We were ready for our adventures the next day!

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