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Monday, July 1, 2013

Father's Day

Because Dave is such a great dad, and my dad is such a great Grampy, we had to be sure we had great Father's Day gifts for them!  The kids each painted picture frames for their special guys and they were really excited to work on their gifts.

Happy Father's Day to Dave who is an amazing dad.  He can always be counted on to read to the kids, take them for walks when they need to get out, take them grocery shopping, and play whatever villian needs to be stopped by the ninja turtles.  The kids love him and look up to him and I am so glad he is their dad!

We have started a little tradition of having lobsters and steamers for Father's Day dinner and the guys are big fans of that.  The room get silent when the food arrives! 

                              Jen was nice enough to indulge Lily in some chalk-face-painting.

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