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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

North Conway Day 2- Diana's Baths

After a good night's sleep for everyone, we piled into the car and headed to a nearby entrance to the National Forest.  This trail would lead us to Diana's Baths, which is a very cool spot.  The hike in was about 6/10 of a mile, which was perfect for us.  The kids took off on a tear trying to get to the waterfall.

It really was beautiful.  The water was too cold for even Mairead to go in, but she had fun climbing on the rocks with Daddy, while the boys (ninja turtles) fended off an attack from Shredder by throwing rocks into puddles.  There were some beautiful butterflies around who were brave enough to alight on Mairead's shoes at one point!

I LOVE this.  Jack has his hand on Ben's shoulder and is pointing out the correct trail to follow.  Such a good 'big' brother.

I really can't say what is happening here.  She is a bear, maybe?  Who knows...  Notice that in NO picture are all three kids looking in the direction of the camera.  Some day...

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