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Friday, April 26, 2013

Bat Birthday Party

The theme for the boys' birthday was, of course, Batman.  This meant, Batman cupcakes, Batman party favors, Batman decorations, and superhero costumes for all the kids who came.  The boys had their Batman t-shirts, and Mairead even had one for the occasion.  Their friends brought costumes of their own or borrowed some of ours.  We invited just a few friends (and cousins) this year so that kids could actually play together instead of just running around like idiots with 25 other kids.  This year, they only ran around like idiots with 10 friends.  Much better.
Thanks to Katie for helping me by printing and cutting the cupcake toppers, and by making a Bat symbol on the last-minute cake.  I had made cupcakes for the party but on the morning of, Ben was very sad that there would not be a birthday cake.  So, I made one, of course.  I mean, it was his birthday!

Thanks to our friends and family who gave the boys a very special day!

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Kylie Platenik said...

umm...Will totally had that same Birthday for his 4th birthday! Be prepared for sports next year.