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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Miscellaneous November

Whenver we drive by Wang Towers (Cross Point, for anyone who has lived in Lowell less than 20 years), Ben will point it out and tell me, "That's Gotham City."  So sweet- I just love their innocence and imaginations!  Three is a a tough age, for sure, but they are always making me smile with the ways their minds work!
On a beautiful day in November, we met up with the Crowders for some fun at the playground.  The kids love getting together and have become true friends.  Katie and I were talking when we heard Lily yell, "Mama!  I need you!"  Turns out, she had been able to get to the top of this climbing structure, but couldn't get back down.  It was pretty funny to see her little self at the top of this!

My pictures are all out of order... sorry!  Anyway, I have taken the boys to the Chelmsford Library a few times lately and they enjoy going.  There are a few superhero books they like, so we always read those together and then the boys play for a bit.  Their favorite part, though, is heading to Friendly's for lunch after!  They are very interested in books, though, and definitely love to be read to.  I'm happy to see that!

Back to the playground.  The kids use this car set-up as a Batmobile.  Of course.

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