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Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Artist in the Family?

Mairead has always loved drawing, painting, and other art projects.  She will spend hours at the art table cutting, pasting, coloring, etc.  And, she appears to have some talent!  She definitely gets that from her dad.  Her teacher even comments on how well done her drawings are, and Mairead comes home every day with enough drawings and projects to wallpaper our house!
The first one is a collection of things that begin with 'I.'  The bear at the bottom is named 'Itch,' Mairead explained to me.  If you can't see everything, there is an iguana, an ice cream, an inchworm, and an igloo, too.

Mairead has decorated her homework folder with drawings of animals, as well as with the names and faces of two boys (twins, actually) in her group at school.  Isn't she too young to be doodling boys' names in her homework?

This is a Thanksgiving placemat she made.  Each finger has written on it something she is thankful for.  She wrote: Mom, Dad, Me, Brothers, Nana, Aunt, love, pie, turkey, home.  So sweet.  I asked, "Did you forget Grampy?"  She replied, "No, Grampy was too long to write, so I write 'turkey' instead."  My dad got a laugh out of that one!

And, we're back to boys.  These are pictures of her with Zack.  Zack was recently moved into Mairead's group at school and Mairead just thinks he is great.  She talks about her friend all the time and about how he is nice, how they are friends, etc.  The first picture has them holding hands.  The one of the two of them in the heart is just too sweet.  I'm so happy that she is making connections with kids at school.  I'm not sure just how much she talks to the other kids, but I know that she loves them and loves to be around them.  Recently, she has told me that a few kids are not nice to each other.  One boy called her a baby when she cried, and another boy pulled her arm too hard when he wanted something she had.  She was upset about both incidents, and I think it's in part because she doesn't know how to handle those things, and because she just loves everyone and wants them to love her.  She also has such a sweet and peaceful nature that I think it really bothers her when people are not nice to each other.  It will be tough for us to help her keep that heart of gold while developing a little bit of a thick skin.  I know that she has some very sweet friends at school, so I hope they are able to keep those friendships for a long time.

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Joseph "Connor" said...

I LOVE the picture of her and Zack. KEEP that forever. It's stinkin' adorable. She's got some talent - I couldn't draw half of the things she did if you paid me. I heart her.