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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting the Circus Back Together

It was a big adjustment for me and for the boys when Mairead went back to school in September.  I was so used to having all of them together all the time... we were a little team, a traveling circus.  It was, and still is, strange to go places without her.  So, days when we all get to be together are all that much better now!  I found these additional pictures of that day at the playground, and they make me smile.  It's a very simple thing, but seeing all of my kids having a snack together at the playground just makes me happy.

Jack and Ben were the hit of the playground since they were wearing their capes.  Jack even wore the mask for a while.  Jack is wearing the blue Batman cape and Ben's cape is black.  They were leading around a little crew of boys who were imagining all kinds of scenarios in which they were fighting crime and capturing the Joker.

Mairead and Lily had a great time on the tire swing, thanks to some pushes from Katie.  It's nice to see the girls spending time together and having fun!

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