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Saturday, October 22, 2011

NVMoM Halloween Party

We have several Halloween activities planned this year and the first was the annual Halloween Party thrown by the Mothers of Multiples group to which I belong.  Though the boys were incredibly and suprisingly resistant to wearing costumes, we were finally able to get them dressed.  Is this the cutest/saddest looking little fireman you have ever seen?

Mairead, on the other hand, was beyond excited.  She has been talking about going to this party all week and kept asking, "It's Saturday yet?"  She was an adorable dalmatian, even though the head part of her costume kept falling down... we'll have to fix that before the real thing next week.  She had a fantastic time at the party making crafts, dancing with the big kids, and looking at all the little baby twins.  We were all impressed by my friend, Renee, who had her triplet boys dressed as the three little pigs, and even decorated their wagons- one with straw, one with sticks, and one with bricks!  Their big brother was the Big Bad Wolf.  Ben pointed to one of the babies and said, "It's a pig."  He noticed the others and said, "It's a more pig!"  Even twins are impressed by triplets!

Dave's dad was a firefighter, as was my grandfather, so we think it's especially sweet and appropriate to see the boys in their fireman 'gear.'

Yeah, safe to say that we will not be using these shots as Christmas Card photos. 

Thanks to Kelly O. and the rest of the ladies who helped set up a great party!  We were all there very early this morning to get things ready for nearly 100 people, including some 60 kids!  Everything looked great and the kids had so much fun.  Happy Halloween!


The Plateniks said...

I do love me a good fireman and firedog combo....Will and Ky did that one last year! Adorable!

Terry Family said...

I love the firemen costumes and Mairead's costume complemented them so nicely! They are all adorable!