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Monday, October 10, 2011

5 Years, 3 Kids, 2 moves, and 1 Happy Family Later...

This weekend, Dave and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  It's funny- sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we shared that amazing day with our family and friends, and sometimes it is impossible to think of life before we were married and started our family.  We have faced a lot of unexpected challenges in these five years- more than we could have imagined on our wedding day.  But we have had so much to celebrate, too, and we are blessed and lucky to have such wonderful people in our life.  Because we have endured so much in just a few years, we know that we can always overcome the 'for worse' part of our vows.  Hopefully, we will only see the 'for better' part for a while!

We thought it would be fun to take some pictures in the same spot where we took some of our favorite wedding photos.  A huge thanks to Jen for taking the pictures and to Mike for entertaining the kids.  We also want to thank our neighbors, the Costellos, for letting us use their yard so that we could get some great pictures with 'the purple house' in the background.

These pictures can look very small on your screen, so if you would like to see a larger image, just double click on the picture.

I really love this next picture... I would love it more if I got to wear my dress again, but I'll take it...



Thanks, Jen, for some great pictures!


The Plateniks said...


katiec said...

Love the pictures!

Joseph "Connor" said...

What great shots! You need to get them framed! Great job, Jen!

Terry Family said...

What a great idea to take pictures in the same spot as your wedding day ~ where it all began. The pictures are sensational ~ my favorite is the black and white.