Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two out of three Hickok children

Are TERRIFIED of Santa! The boys liked him from far away, but as soon as we put them on his lap, they were hysterical! It was so bad we just had to laugh- even the photographers were laughing at the complete terror. Random passers by stopped and said things like, "Oh no! They don't like Santa!" Or, "Oh, poor kids!" It was quite the spectacle, but at least it was quick!

Mairead was excited to see him, though she mostly wanted to run around and explore the 'North Pole' that was set up in the mall. Is it me, or does she look giant in this picture? She also looks just like me when I was little.

All three kids are being very good this year, so even with the screaming and crying, we hope Santa is good to them!


CaneWife said...

Santa is totally ok with crying children. Promise.

They are all so beautiful. :)bras

Joseph "Connor" said...

I love the one of Mairead. She is just beautiful! The boys are just too funny with their terror! I haven't tried to take Connor yet - we'll see how he does!

The Plateniks said...

Love it!

Terry Family said...


These are the best pictures! You never really remember many of them until you look through them, but these you'll always remember!

Thanks for sharing.