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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Miss Lily

Yesterday was a big day-- we celebrated Lily and her first birthday! Her actual birthday is not until December 20, but December 11 was her due date, so it made for a great party date! Her mom and dad did a great job throwing a party for family and friends. Lily is super cute and super photogenic. I have so many great pictures of her it was hard to choose just a few for the blog! How adorable is she in this outfit?

Jack and Ben did well for a little while, but they were over tired and cranky, so Daddy took them home a bit early. Mairead and I were able to stay and enjoy the party. She did GREAT! She played with the other kids, sang Happy Birthday, and helped Lily open her gifts. She was perfectly behaved and had a great time. I am so glad she has a cousin so close to her and so close in age... we hope they will grow up as great friends. Mairead is lucky to have Rachael as her big cousin and Lily as her little one!

The Christmas tree was already set up at this party, so Mairead had a great time investigating that.

Of course, she roped Jen into playing with her and they found a quiet space under the dining room table. My mom was under there at one point, too. It was a good spot for coloring.

Lily very much enjoyed her first ever taste of cake, but then she had some calls to make.

This little sweater belonged to Katie when she was a baby. My mom saved it all this time and now it is ready for Lily to wear.

Happy birthday, Lily! We are all so glad to have you in our lives and we have loved seeing you grow throughout your first year. Dave and I know that a first birthday is a very special day for Mom and Dad, too, so congratulations to Katie and Steve for doing such a great job as parents this year. Lily is lucky to have you!


Joseph "Connor" said...

Great pictures! I LOVE Mairead's hair! SO cute! And, as a side note, in that last picture of Katie and Lily, I think Lily is almost as tall as Katie. She's grown so much! Happy Birthday, Lily!

katiec said...

Aww what a sweet post! Thanks for the Lily blog! And yes, Jamie, we are almost the same size. I also think Mairead is wearing the size clothes I wore at age 10.