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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deck the Halls

We have been having so much fun enjoying the holiday season. Mairead is in love with Christmas... the lights, the trees, ornaments, everything! It is so much fun to watch her. She doesn't even seem to 'get' the Santa- presents-toys part, and she loves it already. I'm glad all of the other parts of Christmas are more important to her than the presents. Though, that may change come Christmas morning!

This past weekend we decorated the tree. At first, Mairead did not want to part with the ornaments to put them on the tree, but eventually she decided that would be ok.

Nana did a lot of the decorating but she had a very eager helper.

The boys like to look at the tree and they each have very cute but different ways of pronouncing 'Christmas tree.' They really didn't care to decorate, though, which is just as well since we have a lot of glass ornaments and they are not exactly the most gentle of handlers.

This little stuffed Snoopy she has in her hand is her latest favorite little friend. She takes him everywhere. Snoopy is probably 20-25 years old and was just sitting in one of the boxes of decorations. So funny what she latches on to sometimes.

We are going to see Santa today to try to get a picture- I hope she is happy to see him! Between Mairead and the boys, this is bound to be quite the experience. Any bets on how many children actually sit on his lap?

Sometimes during the busy holiday season, you just need to relax with a good book.

Or, have a drink and make some phone calls.

Kitty was sitting on the hearth hoping that the fireplace would come on to warm her up. Mairead was kind enough to help out by making a bed of bubble wrap. She told Kitty (or Gilbert, as she has named her recently) "Here you go. A blanket and a pillow. Nice and comfy." She carefully arranged the bubble wrap and then pronounced, "There. Perfect." That's a new favorite saying. It's pretty darn cute!

The kids are all a lot of fun lately. The boys have new words and phrases every day. Jack's latest is to say, 'Oh, rats!" when something goes wrong. I have NO idea where he got that! Ben likes to take hold of the remote, point it at the tv and say, "Shows? Shows? Here it comes!"
Jack's latest skill is jumping. As in, both feet off the floor jumping. The kid didn't walk until he was 15 months and still randomly falls down when walking, but clearing the floor with both feet? No problem. Well, actually there is a problem... he likes to stand on chairs, couches, etc, announce, "I jumping!" and try to jump off.
Sometimes when they are playing, Ben will run over to me and say, "Hi , mama" and then run back to playing. It is the sweetest thing.
Mairead is really into using people's names now. As in, if I say, "Do you want to eat?" She says, "Ok, Mom. Thanks, Mom!"
We are so lucky to have these kids- it's not always easy, but it is pretty much always adorable.

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Joseph "Connor" said...

Mairead and Connor have so much in common lately - the songs they like AND snoopy! Connor would be all over that snoopy. We have to in our house that play the Peanuts theme. We definitely need to get them together VERY soon so they can discuss Snoopy on a deeper level. :)