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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Archived Footage

I have been remiss about taking pictures of the kids lately (I never have a free hand!) so I thought I'd post a video from the boys' birthday party. If you watch until the end, there is a very cute moment between the boys.

Things with us are busy as usual. Mairead had her first session with her speech therapist today. She did really well and the therapist was happy to see her following directions well and using some great language. I do see her making strides every week and her therapies are really helping with her progress. The downside is that she seems a bit overwhelmed with all that we are asking her to do. We are pushing her all the time and making her do or say things that are difficult for her. Part of me wants to just ease up and make life easy for her since I know she is working so hard, but I can't give in to that too often. I know that all this work will pay off for her eventually.

The other hard part is that while we focus on her successes and we are so proud of her for all she is doing, it is very difficult to watch her struggle, and it does make me sad and scared to see how far she has to go. There is so much that she doesn't know or understand. I wish we could see into her brain and really get a picture of what she understands and what she is thinking, but that is obviously impossible.

The boys are doing great. Ben is walking almost exclusively now-- crawling is so yesterday. Jack is working really hard in PT and we do his exercises and stretches to help him get stronger. He is more purposeful and deliberate than Ben. For example, Ben babbles non-stop in his 'alien language,' but Jack says more distinct words with must less babbling.

Ben is becoming a bit of a bully with his newfound speed and mobility. He takes toys away from Jack and often pushes my hand away if I try to get him to do something. It's funny- he has always been the more laid back one, but he definitely has more of a temper! Try taking something away from him- he gives you the saddest face in the world and turns on the waterworks and whining.

Jack loves cars and trucks. He will happily entertain himself by pushing his truck around saying, "Vroom, vroom' for extended periods of time while Ben is a whirlwind, rushing from one toy to the next.

We are getting ready for Easter this weekend, along with some birthday celebrations for a certain aunt and uncle. I hope to get some good pictures of the kids all dressed up!

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The Plateniks said...

oh! a birthday party! April birthdays are the best..so I hear. We're always thinking of Mairead, and glad to hear she's making big strides.