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Monday, January 4, 2010

X (tra) Mas and fun in the snow

First, a random picture of Lily from last week... at her appointment today, she was 9lbs- a very healthy, growing, girl!

On January 1, we had an 'extra' Christmas dinner. Our Christmas dinner is traditionally Beef Wellington, prepared by my dad. He does a fantastic job with it, and we look forward to it all year! This year, things were a little different since we didn't know when Lily would be coming, and we didn't want to plan the meal (Katie's favorite) without the Crowders. So, we scheduled an x-tra-mas for New Year's Day.

Another family gathering meant getting all spiffed up, so we tried a new trick- washing the twins in a laundry basket in the tub. It worked, but we still have a few kinks to work out. The idea is that one person can wash both babies since they can sit in the laundry baskets for support. I'm not sure I can pull it off alone, but we'll see!

Brian spent some quality time with his nephew.

I had bought matching pajamas for Lily and Mairead. Lily's barely fit her, so we had to get a picture in quickly!

The boys had on super cute outfits. Jack's outfit was a gift from Jen (his godmother) and Ben's was from Aunt Ry.

Ben was introducing himself to Lily.

That night, we dressed them in some new pjs from Jimmy and Jessica. I think they could be little Calvin Klein models... as long as they were not required to sit still...

This one is pretty cute- I wish they were not biting the heads off of little people, though. But bribing them with a toy was the only way to get them to sit and face me for two seconds!

This past weekend brought about 6 inches of snow, so Dave took Mairead out to enjoy it. What a great dad- he shoveled for hours and then still braved the snow to take his little girl out to play. Mommy safely took pictures through the window!

She LOVED the snow! She didn't care at all that it was cold. She and Dave went sledding down the hill in the side yard and she didn't want to stop!

After sledding, they warmed up with some hot chocolate.

Today, Mairead came downstairs in the morning to find that the tree was gone. She was a little confused so I told her that Christmas was all done and we had to say bye bye to the tree. She said, "Bye bye, Christmas!" And that's all the Christmas pictures I have, so bye-bye to Christmas posts, too!


Joseph "Connor" said...

I found a sledding hill behind one of the elementary schools in Stoughton - I'm going to have to buy a fun sled and take Connor. Mairead will have to let him know how fun it is! Love the pics of the boys. Maybe Mr. Klein will be calling you soon. :)

katiec said...

love the pajama pics!

Terry Family said...

What a clever idea ~ the laundry basket in the tub!!! The kids matching jammies are awesome too! You're going to have to buy a big sled for the kids to fit on ~ won't that be a sight to see!