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Thursday, January 7, 2010

First day of 'School' was a success!

All bundled up to go to school for the first time.

Who is this little girl? She is so grown up!

She was spinning in circles before we left- she was so excited.

Today, Mairead went to 'school' for the first time. The local Early Intervention program includes playgroups for toddlers who receive services for development, and these playgroups include 2-3 'community children' who are typically developing and who serve as role models for the other kids. We have been on a waiting list for a while, but Mairead started today and she loved it!

She will go every Thursday from 1-3 for 10 weeks. If no one is on the waiting list for this particular spot, she can continue-- I hope that will be the case. I drop her off there and they play in the gym, do crafts, have circle time, snack time, and clean up time. This is SUCH a great thing for her since she has become a bit overly attached to me since I stopped working to be home with the kids. Also, you may have noticed that she is not so great at following directions when she wants to do something else, so being part of a class is exactly what she needs.

It was hard to leave her there-- when we first walked in to the classroom, she LOVED the place. I said "Bye bye, Mairead," and she hid because she thought SHE had to go bye-bye. But when I actually left and closed the door behind me, I could see through the glass part of the door that she came running after me, and I could hear her crying. I wanted so much to turn around and reassure her, but I had to just keep walking since I knew this was what she needed.

When Dave and I picked her up, she was so happy to see us. She came out of the classroom holding hands with Mary, the teacher. Holding hands is not a strong suit either, so I was so happy to see that!

She was sad to leave and said, "Bye School, Bye Mary, Bye Scott (no idea who that is), Bye everyone!" I am thrilled that it went so well. At the same time, though, I am a little sad at how quickly she is growing up. It's all going by too quickly!!!


Joseph "Connor" said...

Connor is going to be starting group soon, too - They can compare notes when they go out on a date. She does look so grown up - it IS sad how fast it's flying!

Terry Family said...

As I've learned with Nathan, this is such an important and fun time for them! Nathan's teachers help him to be more independent and do things he doesn't necessarily like to do, which I like! Not to mention the social benefit with the other kids. Additionally, it helps prepare them for school. The director of Nathan's school said to me one day, she can always tell the children whom have never been in a structured classroom environment by their behavior.

Nathan is still adjusting to school ~ it's been months but he's only there 2 days a week for 3 hours per day and all the holidays have fallen on his days of school. I've decided against putting him into the summer program because I'm home and there is way too much fun to be had! But in the fall we'll put him in three days a week. It makes for a very slow transition for both of us.

Even when this program ends, can't Mairead go into a structured toddler school under EI? We have those programs here in NY once the kids turn 18 months. Nathan could be in one but we've just opted to place him in a private school. I looked at a few of the other options here and wasn't happy but you might be there.